Dance Academy FAQ

When you start classes at Wellspring Dance Academy, you’re joining a lineage of artistic excellence. Classes at the Wellspring Dance Academy are taught by dance professional – many of whom perform with one of Michigan’s premiere modern dance companies. Wellspring Artistic Director Cori Terry studied and performed with one of the most influential figures in modern dance, Erick Hawkins. This experience and the training she received firmly established her among an elite group of nationally-acclaimed professional dancers.  In each class, students learn solid technique and repertoire. Instruction takes place in a modern, professional performance theater, giving students the taste of the real stage. Classes are small (allowing for individualized instruction for students at all levels) and offer opportunities for social development and individual artistic expression. It is important to a student’s development to watch high-level performance – it inspires them to ‘think beyond’, to question their own limits, and to see what’s possible. We think it is beneficial for our students to attend Wellspring’s professional productions, as well as the productions of other dance companies throughout Southwest Michigan. You can find tickets to Wellspring events at our online ticket office found here. 

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes that are somewhat form-fitting. Yoga pants and a tank top are a great idea – your teacher can see movements and body alignment in these clothes. Embellishments like belt loops and jewelry won’t be comfortable. In modern dance tradition, we dance barefoot, but you should pack some socks in case your feet begin to hurt. For Contemporary Ballet Classes, bring socks and ballet shoes (not pointe), and for Hip Hop class, bring skid-proof sneakers that have NOT been worn outdoors.

Why do parents have to wait outside? Why can’t they come in to watch the class?

Some students find an audience to be distracting, especially if someone they care very much about is in that audience (like you!). It’s also good for the student’s social development to have time with other kids and a supportive teacher. We know that parents really want to see how their child is progressing, which is why we have Observation Week. We will send more info about Observation Week out as we get closer to the date.

In regular class weeks, we like to offer the Epic Center Atrium to parents to wait while class is in session if you wish. This space is offered free-of-charge to us from the Arts Council. They occasionally host Atrium events at the same time as our classes, and in these cases we are not able to use this space. Please try to keep noise to a comfortable level in the Atrium, as we share this building with other arts organizations who host their own events. Additional space is available on the lower level of the building if the Epic Center Atrium is occupied by an event.

When nature calls…

It’s a good idea for students to use the restroom before dance class, as entrances and exits are disruptive. Parents of young children, make sure your little ones are taken to the bathroom before class (even though we have built-in bathroom breaks for the youngest classes). There are restrooms down the hall from the Wellspring Theater, by the elevators.


If you are late by 10 minutes or more, you will not be allowed in to class because this is disruptive to the instruction. The exception is if you inform your instructor ahead of time and if they approve your request.

Payment Notes

Wellspring has no hidden fees – you don’t pay a registration fee nor expensive costuming fees, you don’t have to have special clothes or shoes for rehearsal. In some dance studios, these add-ons can add up in the hundreds of dollars. We only charge for tuition and concert tickets.

If we have not received your payment before the class begins, we cannot allow the student to participate.

Class payments for our Youth classes are on a monthly basis. Payment for your class is due the 1st week of the month. Our Winter session includes three months of classes. You can choose to pay for all three months upfront or pay month-to-month in three installments.

Adults classes can be paid for on a class-by-class ($18/drop-in) basis or you may choose to purchase a FlexPass. FlexPasses are $150 and are good for 10 Adult classes of your choice. Registration and FlexPass payments may be made online by selecting the main class you will attend. Payments for drop-ins may be made over the phone by credit card, or in person by card, check or cash but cannot be accessed via the Online Registration Form.

Online: To register and pay online, complete our Online Registration Form. You'll create a login to our Customer Portal using the form. If you've already registered, make payments via your Customer Portal.

Mail-in: Checks only; make checks payable to ‘Wellspring’. Just make sure the mail has enough time to get to us before class. Please write the name of the student on your check.


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